How to clean your Dentures

Dentures are removable artificial teeth that can replace missing teeth and help restore your smile. Dentures are made of various materials to simulate the appearance of your natural teeth and gums. Your dentist will specifically match the color of your teeth and gums to that of your custom made dentures. Cleaning dentures is similar to cleaning teeth because it should be done at least twice a day. Proper denture care is important for both the health of your dentures and mouth.

denture-care Here are some tips to clean your dentures:

  • Daily cleaning is a must: It just like your real teeth, dentures can also build up tartar, stains and bacteria on them. Not only will daily cleaning remove all of this from your dentures, but it will also help prevent the possibility of oral disease-causing problems like denture stomatitis, bacterial endocarditis and other conditions that can be caused by microscopic organisms.
  • Brush and rinse dentures daily: Like natural teeth, dentures must be brushed daily to remove food and plaque. Brushing also helps prevent the development of permanent stains on the dentures. Use a brush with soft bristles that is specifically designed for cleaning dentures. Avoid using a hard-bristled brush as it can damage or wear down dentures. Gently brush all surfaces of the denture and be careful not to damage the plastic or bend attachments. In between brushing, rinse dentures after every meal.


  • Be gentle to your dentures: Dentures do not come cheap, and not taking proper care of them can easily cause them to chip or break. When removing dentures, pad your sink with a folded towel or folded tissue paper in order to cushion the dentures in case they slip from your fingers. You should also clean these over a bowl or sink full of water for the same reason.
  • Clean with a denture cleaner or tablets: Hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid can be used for cleaning dentures.  You can also use Secure Denture Cleanser Tablets as these tablets are specially formulated to clean all water insoluble residues from dentures that other cleansers may not remove. SECURE’s powerful anti-bacterial formula kills germs that cause odor and plaque. The baking soda helps to remove stains leaving the denture clean and fresh.


  • Soak dentures overnight:  Most types of dentures need to remain moist to keep their shape. Place the dentures in water or a mild denture-soaking solution overnight. Don’t soak dentures with metal attachments in solutions that contain chlorine because it can tarnish the metal. Check with your dentist about properly storing your dentures overnight.
  • Remove and rinse dentures after eating. Run water over your dentures to remove food debris and other loose particles. You may want to place a towel on the counter or in the sink so that the dentures won’t break if you drop them.